Monday, February 21, 2011

Hurrah for the New York Times!

In my recent posts (below) about Jonathan Evison's new book West of Here, I commented on how I seemed to be out of step with popular critical opinion. The book was receiving rave after rave, while I seemed to be the lone dissenter, lamenting the book's overambitious scope and plethora of stereotyped characters. One of my students who read the book in my class even wrote to me and said "did they read the same book we did?" I was beginning to wonder if perhaps our manuscripts had indeed been switched at birth, until today's review in the New York Times Sunday Book Review came out. The people shopping at Trader Joe's must have wondered why I was sitting in my car, reading and yelping, but I couldn't help but shout for joy when I read Mike Peed's review. I feel vindicated at last!
Read for yourself:

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